Online store opening

It is very exciting to be opening this online store. Many people have been asking for a place to buy my work online online. So, I am thrilled that people are enjoying my art. Keep in mind I am small time potter, stock will get renewed it just generally takes some time. 

I guess I should start by explaining a bit about me. Art and the environment have always been essential in my life. Although  I am relatively new at throwing I have always enjoyed creating art. I began throwing pots in April 2018 and haven't stopped. I have jumped in with both feet and converted my garden shed into a four season pottery studio. As a potter who is just starting their journey, the costs of start-up are immense. After speaking with friends and family I was persuaded to begin to sell my creations. All I really want to do is throw pots and carve them and watch the magic happen in the kiln....but to live my dream I need to get some equipment first. Which is why I began this site. To make this happen I work off  rented/borrowed wheels and paid time in kilns. My dream- buy a wheel and fire my pieces from home! 

I am launching this site the same time that I am doing my first Market (July 27th, 2019). I will update stock after the market and begin this online adventure!